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Not for a love of words

I’m often asked “What’s another word for…” or “How do you spell…” When I can’t answer I’m met with, “I thought you were a writer?!”

Some writers are in love with words. Madly, deeply in love. I’m more, “let’s just be friends”. I have nothing against words. Some words are quite fine. But that’s not why I write. I write for the same reason I read. I love a good story.

I love beginnings. Who is the protagonist? What kind of trouble are they in? I love the “holy crap, I never saw that coming” twists. I love character tension and what is said v. what is implied. I love sad endings, happy endings, even open ended endings. But I especially love it when a story touches me so deeply that I can’t bear to shelve the book. Instead it remains on my nightstand for days, sometimes weeks, while the story walks around with me.

That’s not to say that a good story which is poorly written is enjoyable. However, a well written novel with a poor story is just as unacceptable.

As a writer I promise to do my best to choose the right words. Craft the right sentences. Just don’t ask me to be a human dictionary or thesaurus. I will fail miserably.

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