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How to get started

Writers are huge procrastinators which means just getting to the computer is feat in itself. So how do you do it?

There are days when I have to trick myself. I turn on my computer with the intension of checking my email and nothing more. (For those of who you receive dozens and dozens of emails, this technique might not work for you) Once read, I tell myself now that my computer’s on I might as well read what I wrote yesterday. Inevitably I am either horrified and immediately start rewriting, or I am delighted and decide to continue.

I was never a big supporter of stream of consciousness writing as a writing exercise, but used as a way to clear the junk from your brain, I am a full supporter. Write down everything you are fixating on. Everything that’s bugging you. Nagging at you. Then throw it away.

Reading inspirational quotes, writing blogs, setting a writing quota, giving yourself a reward for a hard day’s work, do whatever it takes. If all else fails ask yourself what you’d rather be doing. (If it’s fishing, you might not be a writer)

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