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My Dream Office(s)

A writing life is romanticized. Although writers write when they can, where they can, on whatever they can, those of us who plan on doing this for a living still dream of the perfect place to bring forth our stories. I probably wouldn’t get much work done if I had one of these offices. But a girl can dream…

My Dream Office #1 – The Intellectual

When you open the door to this room, a large mahogany desk is facing you. Even from this distance you can tell it was hand crafted. As you get closer the details reveal themselves in subtle ways. The entire piece looks so heavy you wonder how they got it in the room. There will be no laptop for this desk. Only black typewriters are welcome. There’s a large window behind the desk but the thick curtains are drawn. There is no outside world here.

To the left of the desk is a globe. Its age is revealed as you turn the world to read the countries which no longer exist. Beside the globe an umbrella holder contains rolled maps and wooden canes.

To your right is the fire place complete with area rug and a dark leather wing-back chair.

To your left are the bookcases. Many, many bookcases. The one in the centre has glass doors to protect the more delicate hard covers and paperbacks.

The lighting is low. The room the quiet.

This is my office.

My Dream Office #2 – The Solarium

When you open the door to this room you are bathed in light. You thought you might be too hot, but no, the temperature is perfect. There is much of the outside world here. There’s an outdoor patio swing in the centre of the room. It has a canopy and cushions. There’s a side table for lemonade or hot chocolate depending on the season. There are also notebooks and pens.

This is my office.

My Dream Office #3 – The Hideaway

There’s a rope hanging from the ceiling in the upstairs hallway. When you pull it down, a stair chase reveals itself.

The ceiling is high for an attic. There is a single window to your left. It is too small to let in a proper amount of light. Around the room are boxes stacked neatly. Some are Christmas decorations, others contain old clothes. At the back of the room there’s an ordinary desk and chair. On the desk sits a computer surrounded by sheets of paper and books.

This is my office.

My Dream Office #4 – The Secret Layer

You have to pull on the right book to get the bookcase to open to a secret stair case…

…That’s it. That’s all I know.

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