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September as the New Year

Happy New Year! Am I Jewish? No, but I think Rosh Hashanah’s got it goin’ on.

I never felt that January 1st was the beginning of anything. In January everyone is hibernating and praying for spring. How can you start fresh when the world is frozen? Not to mention that Dec 31st falls awfully close to Christmas. Who has energy to reflect on the year past/year ahead when you’ve visited all your family members and been stuffed with turkey?

Another argument for September as the New Year is the start of classes. I attended school for 18 years. It’s hard not to relate to all of those kids with their brand new back packs rushing off to see their friends and meet their teachers. It’s also the start of a new theatre season. Big musicals, small indie productions, in the fall there’s a plethora of stage magic to partake in.

So September definitely feels like a time to start over. To look back at what I’ve accomplish in the last year and to make new resolutions for this one.

What is your fall New Year’s writing resolution? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

I will be getting back to the Pick Up Artist series with article #3: Back of Book Description next post.

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