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There are hundreds of self help books on it. How to get it, how not to loose it…
For writers I think it’s important not to focus on big, out of this world, holy sh*t happiness, but the tiny, “this makes me smile”, kind happiness. That way when you’re struggling, you can refer to your list (or collage or doodles) to give you a boost. You should including things that make you laugh as a good reminder to not take yourself, or your work, too seriously.

What makes me smile?

A glass of red wine.

God rays.

Chubby babies in snow suits.

Kermit the Frog singing Rainbow Connection (anything Muppet related, really)

What makes me laugh?

Puppy hiccups.

Pictures of my parents/our old house from the 70s. (Go orange and brown!)

Any line (any line at all) from Spaceballs.

And if you’re a Canadian who grew up in the 80s, this should definitely make you laugh.
My peers, I present to you, The Log Driver’s Waltz. (You can fast forward the first 40 seconds of real footage. Who needs that?)

When you’re done watching go and make your list. Make it long. Put it somewhere you can see it. And smile.

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