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Cursing Out My Demon

I don’t know about your demon, but mine’s huge. Massive. He’s also a bit cartoony. (Red skin, big horns, bad teeth) He shows up just before I write. Every day it’s the same. “YOU SUCK!” Thankfully, each word I type knocks him down to size until he mercifully disappears.

My (…I don’t like the word muse so maybe encourager?) show up a bit later. A lot later, actually. I never get a good look at her since she’s so small (think Thumbelina or Tinker Bell) but I often imagine her wearing a pink party dress. Maybe fish net stockings.

Due to her small size she fits neatly on my shoulder. A good position if you’re looking to whisper in someone’s ear, which she does. “You can do it.”

I ask her why she doesn’t show up earlier. I ask her why she doesn’t take down the demon herself. She never answers. As a result, I have stockpiled some profanity for the days when I’m really sick of him. Examples include “Suck it!” and “You’re a dirty rat bastard!” (I thought I would spare you the really nasty ones as the internet is perverted enough as it is)

I suppose if I were really mature I could say, “You are nothing more than a manifestation of my fears and insecurities.”

But that’s far less fun.


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