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Fan Expo – Toronto’s Comic-Con

Get ready to geek out!

This year among the distinguished guests, Fan-Expo played host to the cast of Walking Dead, Nathan Fillion, Carrie Fisher, and Stan Lee just to name a few.

Alas, I was too poor to pay for autograph tickets so I took candid shots (despite the fierce looking staffer holding a no candids sign)

I went on the Sunday which meant less people… sort of…

48 - Crowd Shot

And again, only had enough money for admission, but if I had an extra $25 this is where I would have spent it.

48 - Tee

Either that or Cake Cove’s chocolate that was molded to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite (see photo gallery 4/5/6)

…Alright, not entirely true. I had $5 worth of change which I gave to Ghostbusters Ontario (you heard me) to suit up, take some photos, and all the money went to charity. (Best $5 I’ve ever spent)

Ghostbusters cropped

It occurs to me that this is the first picture of myself that I’ve posted on this blog. It’s perfect.

For some reason they added a sports section this year which I felt was really odd…

It was also challenging to navigate the Metro Convention Centre as 1) The north and south buildings are very far apart and 2) While schedules were available online, there was nothing to indicate which building each room was in. (Fail)

If you missed Fan-Expo and are looking for the Comic-Con experience, I highly recommend the documentary A Fan’s Hope.

If you’re still looking to geek out, check out The Nerdist for awesome pod-casts.

Next up – screw January! September is my New Year. Find out why next post.

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