Writing Prompt #29

3 bottles

On top of a table are three glass bottles. One is red, one is blue, the other green. Each bottle contains a magical potion with different properties. Which bottle do you drink? What does it do to you?


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  1. Donna

    The Bottle
    The witch said the right bottle will make my very thoughts come true but choose wrongly and… So very cliché but still, which bottle, which bottle?
    Let’s see; green is the colour of leaves but also the colour of algae and flemme. Blue is the colour of the sky but also the colour of toilet disinfectant. Red is the colour of…blood.
    Ok, while I don’t fancy the idea of drinking flemme, it’s better than toilet water or blood, so, here goes. Sally grabbed up the green bottle. Closing her eyes and holding her nose she drank it down. When she opened her eyes, everything was dark.
    “Where am I?” she thought.
    Little Johnny sniffed, again. “Johnny, PLEASE blow your nose.” begged his mother for the fourteenth time.
    Johnny reluctantly grabbed a tissue and Sally’s adventures began.

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