Writing Prompt #28


Zombie Crossing

Write about a town where zombies are a common occurrence. How does society function? Do children still go to school? Adults to work? Are they all equipped with weapons? Write about an average day in this not-so-average town.

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2 responses to “Writing Prompt #28

  1. Michelle Gram

    This one reminds me of the movie “Fido”!!!

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  2. When one thinks of zombies, cooperation is not the first thing that comes to mind. But zombies are in fact, by necessity, a very cooperative society. This is taught early on, in zombie grade school.
    For instance, when little Johnnie, who died by having his arms crushed by an ATV, wants to raise his hand in class to answer a question, he has to ask Suzy, who died from choking on a frog, to raise her hand for him.
    Their teacher, Mrs. Fanthrop died when she slipped on a grape in the produce department at Costco. Last week she lost her left eye, literally and now depends on Billy, whose “super cape” was not so super and now has no legs, to keep an eye on the left side of the classroom for her.
    Gym class was quite the challenge, and the lost and found box was always full after recess, so now three legged races have become the norm for outdoor activity time. Windy days are definitely a cause for indoor recess.
    Math class is of course very dependent on cooperation as most of the children do not have enough fingers, on their own, to count.
    School lunches here are always the favourite with the children as every meal is a surprise. One never knows what extra piece of one of the cooks will find its way into their brain meatloaf. The turnover in kitchen staff is reduced as much as possible by rotating the assigned tasks to those that still have the necessary appendices. When their parts become minimal, the cooks contribute in another way entirely. Nothing goes to waste in this school.
    So just remember, it is those that cooperate that will take over the wor;lo;. Rats there goes my last right handed finger a little help here…

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