Writing Prompt #14

Fantasy Faction monthly short story contest

Why do a writing prompt when you can write a whole short story! Below if Fantasy Faction’s December writing contest. You can also find it here.

December. The darkest month with the longest night of the year. Harsh and cold days and mankind struggling in winter’s iron grip. Separated through walls of snow from others, one feels tiny and alone.
What better time to remember that there are Gods looking out for you? Gods, who may help you through these hard times for a little prayer or one or two blood sacrifices? Gods, created in your image – or the other way around?

This month you’re going to write a story seeped through with a religion, cult, sect or other belief system. Or more than one. Malevolent, Benevolent, even consistent. I don’t care what kind of religion, as long as it’s a big part of the story. Or somebody living one, suffering through one or (why not?) creating one.

Have fun writing and remember: Everything is believable with the right amount of faith, delusion or denial.


1. This can be prose or a poem.
2. The story must contain a religion (or more, or… see above).
3. Prose must be 500-1500 words long.
4. Poetry must be 100-500 words long.
5. You will be disqualified if you exceed the limits, full stop. That’s why they’re called limits.
6. Your entry can’t be published somewhere else before.
7. This is a writing contest, not a “I have written something like this ten years ago” contest. So if you happen to have a story that fits one of the themes, I’d like it to have a mayor overhaul/edit. Work for it.
8. Please add your story’s word count and, if you have, your twitter handle.
9. Please put your story in [ spoiler ] tags to make the thread easier to handle. You can find them above the smileys next to the ‘youtube’ symbol:

Entry will close January 1st 2015 and voting will begin somewhere around the same time too.

The winner will have their piece displayed on the main Fantasy Faction website sometime in the next months.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I was (hopefully) able to enter my short piece in it!

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