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Writing Prompt #13

What’s in a name?

Go to a baby name website and choose a name. Look up its meaning. Write a scene about a character who does or doesn’t live up to their names’ meaning.

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Writing Prompt #12


Instead of one writing exercise, this week you get five! Although I don’t agree with everything in Cracked’s opening paragraph, I do really like the exercises.

Below you will find Donna’s exercise from Writing Prompt #7 – What’s in the trunk? I’m happy to post your exercises or you can leave them in the comment section.


‘Oh this is not going to go well.’ thought Bob.

Bob pulled his car over to the side of the road and the police cruiser followed. The burly cop took his time getting out and slowly ambled over to the driver’s side of Bob’s car. He didn’t look like he had been having a good day. Bob rolled down his window.

“Problem, officer?”

“Driver’s license and registration pl…” The cop, who had just now looked at Bob, paused, blinked twice, sighed and repeated his request. “Driver’s license and registration please.”

Bob handed over the requested documents. “I know how this must look but I’m on my way—”

“Step out of the car please.”


“Step out of the car, sir.” Bob turned off the car and with difficulty, got out. The cop looked him up and down and shook his head. As he was about to say something, a loud pop sounded from the trunk.

“Open the trunk, sir.”

“Really, you don’t want to do that. It’s very important that I get to the university…”

The cop unclipped the buckle on his gun holster. “Open the trunk, now!”

Sighing, Bob made his way to the trunk.

“You should probably step back.” The cop just moved in closer and nodded. Bob did as he was asked, jumping aside as it started to open. As soon as the trunk was half way open, another pop sounded.

“I’m sorry; I tried to warn you.” Bob pulled the balloon animal version of the cop over to the cruiser and stuffed him inside, closing the door. “It will wear off in about a day…I hope.”

Bob walked back to his car, carefully closing the trunk on the way. He climbed in, closing the door with his right hand. Bob pushed his balloon arm under the shoulder belt, out of his way, and pushed down the clown ruffle at his neck. “I’m going to kill those guys in research. Better balloon pump my ass.” Bob the Clown resumed his way to the university research department hoping he would get his arm back, his client back and that the cruiser didn’t have a hood cam.

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Writing Prompt #11

113 - GreatGreedyGuts

Last week’s writing prompt was 7th. You went to your bookshelf, choose the 7th book, turned to page 7 and found the 7th sentence for your starting point. I’m delighted to share Monica de Savoye’s piece which was started from the The Adventures of Tintin: The Broken Ear.

This week’s writing exercise follows.


“GRRRRRREAT GREEDY GUTS!!!” That’s what my best mate’s Ma shrieked when she sat bolt upright in her coffin at her own wake.

Back in those times of course we didn’t have the newfangled gadgets doctors have nowadays to tell if a person’s really dead…we just held a mirror under their nose, tickled their eyelids a little, and then called it a day. And then we got ready for the food to arrive….

Folks were bringing by casseroles, puddings, pies, soups, and the most awful gelatin salads, and dropping them off on ole Ma Kettle’s parlor table. The damn thing nearly gave way under the weight of it all.

And of all the visitors dropping by to pay their respects, you could always count on seeing Jimmy McKeegan, who would first dutifully remove his hat and say a prayer over the deceased, and then take a run at that table.

This day was no exception, Jimmy arrived in fine form, and quite a sight in his formal attire; he was tall and lanky and nearly 7 feet tall with his tops and tails. People said he had a tapeworm, or a hollow leg or somethin’, and that’s how come he could eat the amount he did and not gain an ounce.

So there’s Jimmy, giving it his all at the food trough set before him, chicken bones a-flyin’ and soup slopping down the front of his vest….all the rest of us agape and shifting uncomfortably meanwhile!

Out of the corner of my eye, what do I see, but Ma Kettle sitting creakily up in her coffin! I guess she must have been woken right out of a dead sleep by all the racket from Jimmy and his eatin’…and she turns her head, right in Jimmy’s direction, and hollers louder than you can imagine, “GRRRRRREAT GREEDY GUTS! Get them paws out of that grub and leave some for everyone else, dammit!”

….and poor Jimmy’s eyebrows hit the ceiling, and HE dropped dead from shock right there, bless his greedy-ass soul.


This writing prompt comes from Julie Tepperman Co-Artistic Director of Convergence Theatre.

C.R.O.W stands for:


Here is your C.R.O.W for this writing exercise:

C – Two people in their early twenties
R – Ex’s
O – One wants to get back together, the other one wants permission to date their best friend
W – At a mutual friend’s birthday party

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Writing Prompt #10


Go to your bookshelf or pile of books. Choose the 7th book. Turn to page 7. Find the 7th sentence. Let that be the first line of your new piece.

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Writing Prompt #9

Finish this sentence

“The thing I hate most about you, the thing that really drives me crazy is ____________”

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