Constructive Criticism – Part II: Questions to ask your reader

You’ve selected the lucky person (or persons) to give you feedback on your work. Excellent! While you could give them your piece and just ask for an overall review, it would be best if you came up with some questions to help guide your reader.

 Was the setting clear and vibrant? Was there too little or too much description?
 Do the characters feel like real people?
 Does the protagonist have a clear goal? Are the stakes high enough?
 Were you interested in the character’s journey? Did you care if they reached their goals?
 Was the protagonist’s motivation clear?
 Did the protagonist experience growth by the end of the story?
 Were you bored at any point? Which part? Why?
 Were you confused at all? Did you have a hard time following your plot?
 How did you feel when you finished the story?

Remember – It is also perfectly acceptable for you to say that you just need encouragement. That you just want to hear one thing they liked so you will have the courage to go on.

You’re the writer. Ask for what you need.

Upcoming Post – Constructive Criticism Part III: What to do next


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