Writing Prompt: Horoscopes

Some bloggers post first lines as writing prompts while others use objects. I’ve been reading my local free paper and I think that horoscopes can inspire some very interesting stories… Choose from one of the three listed here and see where it takes you.

You won’t take kindly to others telling you what to do. Anyone who thinks they can order you around is going to find that you are in no mood to take it. There should be only one person calling the shots now – you.

This is unlikely to be an easy day but it can be profitable. If someone in a position of authority challenges you to do better you must take up that challenge, no matter how unfair it appears to be.

You may find it hard to admit you were wrong about something but you have no choice. If you had been found out for playing fast with the truth, admit it and promise not to let it happen again.


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