Writing Prompt – Birthdays and Random Objects


June is upon us which, in my neighborhood, means garage sale season. Every weekend you’ll find flyers stapled to telephone poles or taped to stop signs indicating which street and what kind of fare to expect. I love garage sales. I really do. You never know what treasures you’ll find.

Mr. T

I really should have bought this. The problem is, I have trouble keeping plants alive. I’ve almost killed our bamboo a couple of times by letting the water run out. (It would be so much easier if they would just make their needs know… like if they glowed red when they were thirsty or something…)

This was NOT for sale but if it were, I’d be tempted.

ice cream thing

At my third garage sale of the day, I purchased The Art of Happiness. The gentleman whose garage sale it was told me that the year he turned 40 he bought 40 copies of the book to give away to his family, friends, even strangers. Needless to say not everyone was enthusiastic so he had a few left – but what a great way to mark a birthday.

Book - 40

As an exercise, write about a character who is having a milestone birthday. What book or other object does s/he buy to give away to people and why? Need another writing prompt? Go to a garage sale, vintage clothing store or antique shop. Pick a random object. Who did it use to belong to? Why was it important to them?



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