Book City now a Ghost Town


“It is with great sadness that we have to announce the closing of our annex location.” So reads the first line in the letter taped to the door of the former annex location of Book City. “…The onslaught of the e-reader and the relentless on-line book business have made operating a general brick and mortar bookstore more challenging.”



It’s hard to fight the convenience of an e-reader. You don’t have to lug hard covers on the subway. No extra weight in your suitcase. You don’t have to drop off the ones you no longer like at Goodwill or sell them at a garage sale. But when I see another beloved bookstore go out of business it makes me want to spend every last cent I have on real books. 10 reasons real books are better than e-books and here are 5 more.

Reason 11 – The Slow Movement
Just as the slow food movement promotes the joys of cooking from scratch, the act of browsing in a bookstore is much more soulful than scrolling through books online. There’s something meditative about picking books up off the shelf and leafing through their pages.

Reason 12 – Book Seller Recommendations
Book sellers love what they do. They want to introduce you to their favourite reads. Hearing them speak passionately about their favourite author is much more satisfying than reading online reviews.

Reason 13 – Other People’s Bookcases
You’ve been invited to someone’s home for dinner and they insist they don’t need any help in the kitchen. So you cradle your glass of wine and look at their bookcase. You make a note of the books you’ve already read and the ones you have yet to read. You browse.

You’re not going to pick up their e-reader.

Reason 14 – Cover Art
There are so many gorgeous book covers. Having books on your shelves is the same as having pictures of your loved ones on the wall. They’re beautiful and comforting.

Reason 15 – Crushed Dreams
If the world goes digital, if every bookstore goes out of business, my dream of entering a bookstore and finding the spine of my book on its shelf will be crushed. Do I love my blog? Yes. Do I love reading articles from other bloggers? Yes. Is it the same as seeing my published work on the shelf of a bookstore?…

No. It’s just not.


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