Who Lives Here?

Every room in my house has books. The kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the bedroom. You can tell I’m a reader. But where is the writer? Where does she live?

She used to live here.


This is our desk and my husband’s laptop. (My desktop recently died)

I had an office in our old place, but we don’t have a spare bedroom in our current home so the desk went into the kitchen. Not exactly an Inspiring Workspace

I do have some fun pieces of me here…




Hard copies of my past work live here.


Our dog especially likes pawing at the paper inside. (One of the reasons I get more writing done on the subway to work than at home)


My writing isn’t anywhere else in the house. There are no notebooks, no scraps of paper, no sticky notes. Is that to avoid clutter? Is it because I’m still dreaming of a Writing Hut? Or is it because I’m hiding the fact that I’m a writer. And if so, from who? My husband? (I think he knows) House guests? Myself?

I think I’ll go throw some paper around…


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