On Workaholics and Success

Stress is a killer! Save yourself!

That’s the message we’ve been given as a reaction to the new breed of workaholics. Technology allows them to work from anywhere, be connected to anyone and, as a result, work all the time. We usually think of these people as business men and not artists, but they’re out there. Writers, filmmakers, people who work crazy hours not for a love of money or status, but for a love of what they do. Should they slow down? Can they slow down?

Workaholics v. The Slow and Steadies

Let’s take fantasy and sci-fi genius Joss Whedon. This guy works. A lot. And I’m glad! Otherwise we never would have had Buffy and Angel and Firefly (single tear). On the other hand, you have actor and writer Ann-Marie MacDonald who has a very short C.V but it includes Fall On Your Knees, one of my all time favourite books.

How do you define success? Quantity or quality? Can you have both?

The Balancing Act

Work-life balance!

We hear this a lot, too. Apparently we’re supposed to give equal weight to everything. Work, family, friends… But is that realistic? Maybe being off balance is okay. Maybe, as this Ted Talk suggests, sometimes your work takes priority while other times it’s family.

Do you want to write more or less? Speed up or slow down?


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