Your Writing Soundtrack


Music wins.

Books, plays, films, dances, they take hours to convey emotion. Music takes a matter of seconds. You could argue that a painting or a photograph is the same, but I find it takes my brain a few minutes to process the image before I can connect an emotion to it. The first few notes of a song however, can instantly make me happy or sad.

A lot of authors listen to music when they write. Some have it on just as background noise, others for inspiration. If you’re curious, 10 writers share their music to write by here.

Tired of your playlists? Look no further than Songza. This free site creates playlists for you depending on your mood. (I have the app on my phone and I looove it) There’s even a playlist for “Saving the World” which has super hero movie scores (uh, YES, PLEASE!)

What music do you listen to when you write? What are your guilty pleasure songs? (Mine is Shoop by Salt n’ Pepa. There. I said it) Which songs could you never live without?


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  1. LOVE my writing soundtracks. This sounds like a great site, will check it out! Thanks 😉

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