30 Day Challenge

By the end of 2013 I was sick of my novel. I was sick of struggling with the same problems and I was sick of my characters. In order to get into a better head space, I decided to put the book aside and come up with one idea for a novel every day for 30 days. No idea was too awful or ridiculous, just so long as there were 30.

What I learned:
– Spending my subway commute writing is better for the soul than reading the celebrity section in the local free paper (…I guess I already knew that…)
– It was hard to get started, but not hard to continue.
– I derived immense satisfaction from hitting small markers such as being 1/3 and 2/3 of the way done.
– The excitement and anticipation about being close to the end made me absolutely giddy.
– Out of 30 ideas 10 were usable which I think is awesome.
– I noticed similar themes when I compared all of the ideas.
– Some of the ideas that won’t work for novels will work for short stories.

I’m not anxious to get back to my novel, but I do feel more prepared to tackle it.

What 30 day challenge will you take on this year? 30 first lines? 30 titles? 30 pages?

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