Pick Up Artist #1: Cover Art

What does it take for a reader to pick up your book?

Admittedly, if I’m browsing in a bookstore it’s a good cover that catches my eye. If it’s original, beautiful, or just plain curious. It’s why publishers pay extra to have their books displayed at the front of the store, cover out.

What’s challenging as a publisher writer is that you don’t have final say when it comes to your art. You can give your option, but you will most likely be over-ruled by the designer and marketing team. You just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. You could end up with a great cover like this

the ocean at

Also equally awesome

the night circus

Or you could be one of these unfortunate books.

Now if you want to hear an AMAZING talk by a book over designer (who you’d definitely be lucky to have), watch TED TALK video.

While you may not design your own cover art, you do submit your own title. A title you should take great care in conceiving. More on that in the Pick Up Artist series article #2.



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3 responses to “Pick Up Artist #1: Cover Art

  1. Interesting topic. Very funny link to unfortunate books, I’ve been there before.

    I’m hard pressed on deciding on a title right now, I’ve even made a prototype for one of my title ideas.

    I’m stuck between Greybo: A Dwarven Legend and Eye of the Mare.


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