Story Planet

Intergalactic Travel Authority

Picture this… an adorable space themed storefront which opens into a gift shop and café. You can literally buy a black hole in a jar as well as a delicious gluten free cupcake. Which I did. (Cupcake, not black hole) The proceeds fund the space at the back of the store which is reserved for this:

Imagine being a kid with big ideas, but with no way to share them with the world. Or, being a teenager who is struggling in school with writing assignments, feeling like their future is a waste of time… For many kids who struggle with writing, having a visually creative side to the work enables them to launch their imaginations and get their words flowing. Once writing is fun, it is far less daunting… From there, the future looks brighter.

In short, Story Planet’s mission is to get kids and teens excited about writing. To make it fun. It’s organizations like this that make my heart happy. Happy that there are people in the world who come up with these ideas. Happy that they possess the courage to follow through. Happy that kids and teens who may have otherwise struggled with writing are now finding success.

Story Planet. Volunteer. Donate. Have a cupcake.


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