My fantasy “as in imaginary, ideal and not going to happen” process

I wake up a 5am and write for three hours solid. I’m focused. I meet a writing quota. The ideas are always there, flowing from my fingers.

I think about my writing all the time. I’m constantly snatching ideas out of the air, out of the water, out of life.

I work on multiple projects at one time. A book, a poem, an article. I have boundless energy.

I am always in a good mood.

My actual “I’m going to have to live with this” process

I am not a morning person. I would write late at night if it weren’t for things like a day job and a new puppy.

I have varying lengths of time to write. I need to make more use of 30 minute spurts.

I don’t have a quota. Looking at my lack of process is harmful to my process and so I stopped.

I can’t write by the seat of my pants. (Happily, a lot of writers can’t either) Outlines are my friends.

One… project… at… a… time….

I don’t have a special pen. I don’t write standing up or lying down. I don’t do warm up exercises.

I am often frustrated, fearful and self deprecating. I try desperately to enjoy creating without worrying about the results.

This would all be very discouraging except for two things:

1) Other writers have the same process.
2) I’m still writing.


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