Dee Tales: No Time

The Clock

Dee Tales are whimsical stories inspired by photographs taken with my i-phone. A tiny story for you, a wee sense of accomplishment for me. Enjoy.

It changes locations. Germany. South Africa. Lisbon…

It changes shapes. It’s been a stop watch. A clock radio. A grandfather clock…

It keeps time. All of it. Everywhere in the world.

And I’ve come to destroy it.

I’ve tried before, but I’ve been too late. The committee got word of what I was trying to do and moved it. A time terrorist, they called me. They don’t understand. Once I’ve done what I’ve come here to do, there will be no hours, no minutes, no seconds. People won’t be early or late. But most importantly, there will be no past and no future. Only now.

I hope I brought enough C4.


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