Dee Tales: Validated

Usually a whimsical story inspired by photographs taken with my i-phone, today’s Dee Tale will be a short scene. Enjoy.

A windowless room. A Man (M) and a Woman (W) sit behind a table covered in folders, papers, and stamps. There is a chair facing them. W has black hair with a blue streak in it and is wearing thick black glasses. Her top, various colours of the rainbow, looks to be handmade. M has a shaved head, a nose ring, a lip ring and a chin ring. He is wearing a short sleeved shirt which shows off his tattoos.

Enter Author (A). She is a regular looking girl by all appearances. She carries a back pack. She sits, facing M and W.

A Hi. I’m here to apply for my I.D

There is no reply.

A My I.D?

Again, no reply. She pulls a piece of paper from her pocket.

A Is this suite 159—

M This is unacceptable.

A What?

M Where are you glasses?

A I don’t wear glasses.

W You need thick rimmed glasses. And your hair!

A What about it?

W It’s your natural colour! Dye it. Purple. Or blue. Do you have tattoos?

A No.

M None?

A No.

M Make her an appointment.

A Wait a minute—

W She’s also quite old.

M Quite old.

W Nothing much we can do about that.

M Are you a recovering alcoholic?

A No.

W Current alcoholic?

A No!

W But you smoke pot, right?

A NO! What is wrong with you people? I’m here to apply for my I.D.

M We cannot approve that.

A What are you talking about?

W You’re not one of us.

A Yes, I am.

M You’re not a writer.

A Yes I am!

M (sinisterly) Prove it.

A meticulously takes everything off of the table and puts in on the floor. She opens her back pack and takes out a rolled cloth. Unrolling it on the table she reveals several medical instruments. She selects a scalpel. She lies on top of the table and makes an incision. M and W stand up and peer into her chest.

M Ohhhh.

W Yes.

M Do you see the—

W And there’s—

M Indeed.

W reaches into A’s chest and pulls out her heart. As she raises it into the air it turns from red to a glowing yellow. Everything else looks dim as the heart pulses with light. W and M look at each other and nod. W replaces A’s heart and sews up her chest using a needle and thread she finds in A’s rolled up tools. M meanwhile starts going through the paperwork on the floor.

A sits up and takes her seat. M starts replacing the paper work, handing sheets to W who stamps them and signs them. W hands a sheet to A.

W 6-8 weeks.



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