Cursing Out My Demon

I don’t know about your demon, but mine’s huge. Massive. He’s also a bit cartoony. (Red skin, big horns, bad teeth) He shows up just before I write. Every day it’s the same. “YOU SUCK!” Thankfully, each word I type knocks him down to size until he mercifully disappears.

My (…I don’t like the word muse so maybe encourager?) show up a bit later. A lot later, actually. I never get a good look at her since she’s so small (think Thumbelina or Tinker Bell) but I often imagine her wearing a pink party dress. Maybe fish net stockings.

Due to her small size she fits neatly on my shoulder. A good position if you’re looking to whisper in someone’s ear, which she does. “You can do it.”

I ask her why she doesn’t show up earlier. I ask her why she doesn’t take down the demon herself. She never answers. As a result, I have stockpiled some profanity for the days when I’m really sick of him. Examples include “Suck it!” and “You’re a dirty rat bastard!” (I thought I would spare you the really nasty ones as the internet is perverted enough as it is)

I suppose if I were really mature I could say, “You are nothing more than a manifestation of my fears and insecurities.”

But that’s far less fun.


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2 responses to “Cursing Out My Demon

  1. And then, all of a sudden you are writing the last lines of an amazing scene! Tears are splashing onto the keyboard like professional divers. The demon is dead and the tiny flake of pride that was on your shoulder is suddenly stabbing him to death…. You re-read it and almost wet yourself… Ah…Vengeance.

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