…And you are?

Introductions are tough.

One of my best friends has, hands down, the best method of introducing people. For example, if she were introducing Laura to Karen she would say, “Laura, this is Karen. Karen use to be a dog walker for the humane society and that’s how she ended up adopting her lab, Stanley. Karen, this is Laura. Laura loves vinyl and has an amazing collection of contemporary and vintage L.Ps.” Notice how she doesn’t mention vocations or her relationship to these people. Only cool facts to entice the two strangers into conversation. (I keep meaning to do this when I introduce people but I never do)

Small talk is tough.

Or should I say the transition from small talk to engaging conversation. I can never seem to get past the weather and traffic. (Drinking doesn’t generate new ideas so much as make taking about weather and traffic seem more interesting)

Don’t get me started on hand shakes.

The nice thing about introductions is that they only happen once.

…Hello. Welcome to my blog. As I work on my novel (book one of three in a fantasy fiction series), I will also be working on this. You can expect posts about the challenges and delights of being a writer as well as pocket sized stories called Dee Tales. Why? To connect with readers. To connect with writers. To embrace the small victory that is finishing a post since the larger victory of finishing a novel seems, sometimes, to be unreachable.

So there we are. That’s me.

Nice to meet you.



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2 responses to “…And you are?

  1. Stephanie McArthur

    World, this is Deanna. The highlight of her work day is the baby parade, she’s an expectant dog-owner, and she’s already written some pretty awesome plays. Deanna, this is the world, it invented snow and also those toads that make you high if you lick them.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the blog!!

  2. Happy blog launch!!! Can’t wait to read more.

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